Resource Management

While it might sound "corporate";  in regards to this blog, "Resource Management" simply refers to the management of two things: Energy and Water.  You might be able to deduce from our name that we were originally only focused on Energy (Watt).  But as we got to thinkin', we realized we would be doing a disservice if we focused solely on Energy and not on Water (it is the most basic element of life after all!).  Therefore, we kept the name Mapawatt because it just rolled off our tongue, but we will focus on both.

As Scientific American so eloquently demonstrates; Energy and Water are related a lot closer than you may think.  For the most part, we rely on water to help generate our power (hydroelectric, cooling systems in fossil fuel/nuclear plants) and we use power to generate clean water (in the cleaning process and pumping it to our faucets).  Without one it would be really hard to have the other (unless you have one of these).

generate your own hydration!

generate your own hydration!

So don't get confused when you see us mention "resource management".  We simply want our readers to realize that clean energy and clean water are both resources that we need to live, appreciate, and conserve.

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