Obama's Environmental Reading (pt. 2)

(continued from Part 1)

After Elizabeth Hightower discusses Ecology of Commerce, she also mentions Gus Speth's new book, The Bridge at the End of the World (which I haven't read but his Red Sky at Morning was one of the firsts environmental books I ever read back in the Summer of 2004) and Amory Lovins' Winning the Oil Endgame.

Finally, the five books she recommends are:

The Quiet Crisis and the Next Generation - Stewart Udall

-Stewart's son Tom is a Senator from New Mexico, while his nephew Mark is a Senator from Colorado.  Both are ardent environmentalists.

The Creation - E.O. Wilson

- Wilson argues for a one time payout of 30 billion, with which you could protect 70 percent of the land-bound species on Earth!  Numbers are easy to gloss over because  once you get past a few thousand, they get hard to visualize, but think about it.  We are bailing banks out left and right for billions of dollars.  And for what?

Wilderness Letter - Wallace Stegner

Cadillac Desert - Marc Reisner

-  It's been said before, but I will continue saying it:  Water is the next Oil.  This is especially true out West, where they have much less of it.  Imagine what would happen if all those golf courses in the desert couldn't water the fairways (it may be hard to pick up on sarcasm over a blog)?  Make sure you watch Chinatown.

The Wilderness Warrior (due out in June)- Douglas Brinkley

-  Biography on Teddy Roosevelt.  Sure, he was a hunter, but like most outdoors-men,  he was also a conservationist.

So read and get educated on the topics that are going to impact your life for the next few decades.  Are her books better than mine?  You be the judge!

Any suggestions?

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