Ecobee iPhone App is live


I just got word that the Ecobee iPhone app has been released and downloaded it today.  If you have an Ecobee and an iPhone, just go to the app store and search for "Ecobee".  If you don't know what an Ecobee is, then you should read my post, "Ecobee Programmable Smart Thermostat: I love adjusting my thermostat over the internet."

The app is very straightforward; in fact, it is just like operating the Ecobee screen itself (which can be seen in the picture above).  The app works great.  Now it is that much easier for me to control my thermostat from anywhere I have a 3G or wireless internet connection.   Before the Ecobee iPhone app was released I had to use the built in web browser and log into the Ecobee web portal with my user-name and password, but now I just have to launch the app and make sure my thermostat is adjusted to the most energy saving setting.

There are some readers who have complained about the price of the Ecobee thermostat (around $500 installed).  I agree that it may be too  expensive for some people who already have tight control over their thermostat or those that live in very mild climates.  But there are others out there who have no clue how much they spend heating and cooling their homes (the greatest use of energy in our homes).  There are some people who lead very hectic schedules and often forget to turn their air conditioner up or their heat down when they leave the home.  These are the people who can benefit most from the Ecobee.

There are many out there who spend way too much heating and cooling their homes (like hundreds of dollars too much).  I spoke with a guy last week who had electricity bills around $700/month this summer!  When talking with him it turned out he was keeping his home at 69º F at all hours of the day and night!  For him, the Ecobee would be an excellent investment and would pay off in no time!  Maybe the Ecobee will save you money as well, and if you have an iPhone, it will be that much easier to control it.

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