Mapawatt Beta is coming!

We've been putting up posts on the Mapawatt Blog now for over a year.  We have over 200 posts to help you conserve energy and water, learn about clean energy, and think about sustainability.  But the blog is just a part of our larger plan.  We plan on being the number one community related site for energy conservation and clean energy topics.  While the idea behind Mapawatt is almost a year and a half old, we've realized that to accomplish our goals in the right way, it takes a lot of time and effort to get there.  The goal of the blog is to get readers excited about conservation and sustainability in the hopes that they will take that excitement to the Mapawatt community.

Well, here's your chance.

Later this Spring we will release Mapawatt Beta.  The Beta release will be a demonstration of the idea behind Mapawatt and will form the basis of the Mapawatt community.  We are only releasing the Beta version to a small group of users because: a) it is still a work in progress and b) we want this small group of users to provide us valuable feedback on how we can improve.

Back in January for our post "Get ready to be amazed by Mapawatt" we stated:

Our goal from the beginning has been – and remains – to be the internet’s number 1 resource for people to learn about energy conservation and clean energy and how it affects their own lives.  There are other websites and blogs that focus on “being Green”, Green Business, Climate Change, etc; but we feel that many of these fail to speak directly to the average American and what he/she can do in their own lives to live more sustainably.  This is what Mapawatt is here for.  We plan on educating individuals on how to reduce their energy and water consumption, and create a community where people can work together to exchange ideas, best practices, and stories from their own lives.

If you're tired about reading the same old "Green Tips" that you've read 1,000 times.  If you want to start taking action and really making an impact on your energy and water consumption. If you want to take part in what we hope will be an international online community dedicated to sustainable living phenomenon (that's right, I said phenomenon :) ) then email and let us know you want to take part in the Beta release of


The Mapawatt Team

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