Vote Today for Sustainability!

Recently my dad mentioned a conversation he had with my sister. Like me, my sister is all about saving the environment, conserving, recycling, etc. But when asked who she was going to vote for in the elections on Tuesday, Nov.2, she replied "I probably just won't vote."

I've said this many times, but I'll quote something I wrote after hearing Al Gore speak in Atlanta last November: "Changing laws to enable the clean energy future is more important than changing light bulbs."

If you truly believe the path forward for America and the world is Sustainability, then the first step is electing leaders who share that vision. Shake off the lethargy, take a few minutes educating yourself and think about which candidate is more likely to understand the benefits of sustainability, and go vote.  You know of the big Governor/Senate/Congressional races, but don't forget about your local Public Service Commission.  Those officials are just as important as to what your local utilities do than anyone.   If all your Public Service Commission candidate promises is low cost of energy at all costs...then they probably aren't thinking about the long term sustainability of your state and your health.

I know it's a little difficult sifting through all the talk of the economy and taxes and health care to try and find a candidates true feelings on sustainable issues, but I'm sure you can find them!

If you're still having a little trouble, check out our post on Clean Energy and Conservation voters guide.

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