Stop Apartment Energy Hogs!

Stop Apartment Energy Hogs!

We've written extensively on monitoring your home energy consumption and for the most part it has catered to town-homes and single family homes.  But what about condos and apartments?  When I first got out of college I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment that was about 1,200 sq feet.  My energy bills then were almost double what my 2,200 sq. ft. town-home are!  In fact, it was my experience back then battling my apartment complex because I thought my bills were too high that set me down the path of home energy monitoring.  I wrote about this in our post on the kill-a-watt appliance meter.  I took the kill-a-watt and measured every appliance in our apartment that I could to try and make my case!  But the biggest drawback is that the kill-a-watt couldn't measure our electric water heater, our electric heat, and our electric air conditioning, and these were our biggest energy hogs.  But that was back in the energy monitoring dark ages of early 2007!  If only the TED 5000 had been available then.

It's hard for apartment dwellers to get a handle on their energy consumption because they often don't want to make the investment in monitoring their energy because they don't know how long they will live there.  But what if apartment owners actually took it upon themselves to help their tenants monitor their energy?  This is exactly what Houston Neal brings up in the article below.  We featured an article written by Houston over a year ago in our post on LED tubes and I really enjoy his content.

This article can be seen here: titled Cut Apartment Energy Costs with Energy Monitoring Systems.

To learn more about the energy monitors listed in SoftwareAdvice's article, check out our posts on the List of Home Energy Monitors.


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