Helping to visualize energy

Getty Images today announced a report called The Curve which focuses on how energy companies can communicate with their customers better, and how those customers can visualize something like energy.  From the Getty press release:

The exclusive report, which took over three months to compile, uncovers fundamental changes in the consumer psyche around the environmental and financial impact of energy and energy production, as well as focusing on how energy companies are dealing with recalibrating their communication and interaction with consumers.

As someone who has struggled to come up with images for almost 500 blog posts, I know how hard visualizing energy can be!  I've covered this topic a few times.   In August of 2009, we featured a post titled "Visualize Energy - Mind Mapping Energy" and I followed that one up with "Home Energy and Water Mind Map".  One of my favorite energy visualizations was featured in our post, "Energy Flows in the U.S."  

Most of our topics on visualizing energy are using more analytical or numerical methods to help visualize energy, and not everyone thinks that way.  Some people need more artistic or pure visual stimulation to get their brains motivated and ticking away on thinking about complicated (or sometimes boring) issues like energy and water conservation, clean energy, and energy efficiency (see another energy visualization - Fossil Fuel reduction strategy).

What images do you conjure up to mind when thinking about the importance of saving energy and living more sustainably?


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