Google back in the Home Energy Game

Back in 2011 it was 4 months after we covered Google shutting down its PowerMeter service that we first covered the Nest Thermostat.  Now, things have come full circle with Google acquiring Nest and getting back in the home energy game. From the GTM article:

"Google has also been toying with its Android @Home concept to connect smart devices onto an internet-of-things platform. But it hasn't publicly announced much since the idea was first announced two years ago. Nest's products may add some muscle to that effort.

As the story went to press, GTM analysts were busy (jokingly) speculating on what "unloved" products in the home Google will help Nest tackle next.

- Extension cords
- Circuit breakers
- Door knobs
- Plug outlets
- Sprinklers
- Exit signs"

Nest recently announced a smoke alarm as its second product after the thermostat, so I think in the future we wont refer to Nest as a "home energy" company, but rather as a "home product" company that enhances and connects devices we use in our daily lives at home.  In fact, it seems that a dedicated "home energy" product market is going away, and all devices related to home energy are going to be bundled as part of a "smart home" or "home security".  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.....






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