Buy these Plug-in cars now (or in 2010)

Tesla charging

Tesla charging

I finally paid off my normal, 6 cylinder gasoline car, so I'm already planning my next purchase in a year or two.  I don't just want a hybrid, I want a plug-in hybrid or plug-in electric.  I love the idea of plugging my car in each night and being totally (or at least partially) independent on the gas station (but unfortunately this will increase my reliance on my utility).

I plan on doing a more detailed post on the subject of plug-ins later this week, but I wanted to go ahead and do a post on some of the cars that you can buy now, or should be able to buy next year in 2010.   I'm also including cars that are in testing here in the U.S. as well in hopes that the tests go well and they go on sale next year!

When it comes to clean energy, there is always so much talk about what we will be able to buy in the far-off future; so sometimes it's nice to see what's available now.

My next post will go more into the details behind plug-ins, but basically there are two main types of plug-ins: plug-in electric (which require zero gasoline but have limited mileage) or plug-in hybrids (which also have a gas engine for use on longer distances).  I got some help from this great list from Plug In America.

Current or Soon-to-be available plug-ins (ones that should be out by the end of 2010):

  • BMW Mini-E -  electric.  In testing in U.S., not yet available.
  • Chevrolet Volt - hybrid.  GM says available in 2010
  • Fisker Karma - hybrid. high performance.  Pre-order now for delivery at end of 2010.
  • Nissan Leaf - electric.  limited release in 2010.
  • Tesla Motors - electric. high performance.  Available now!

Cars on the horizon for 2011 and beyond

I want to hear from someone who has a plug-in and is currently driving it around!

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Tesla is shooting for a sub 30k vehicle in the near future. I know the germans will have great electrics coming. It's a great time to be in the clean energy business in the next decade.
A great idea to be rid of imported oil. Of course, the plug-in is only as clean as the power generation plant that produces the electricity (and the diesel repair trucks).........

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