Google PowerMeter Actions

Google PowerMeter just released a new feature called Actions.  From the official blog:

Google PowerMeter now offers personalized energy savings recommendations to help you save more energy and show off your savings. You can find it under “Take action” in your Google PowerMeter page.

Over time, the feature will provide even more useful tips. As your energy consumption behavior changes, you will receive new recommendations to help you save even more.

In addition to receiving customized energy saving recommendations, you’ll earn a special badge when you complete a recommendation. Collecting badges is a fun way of keeping track of your accomplishments to reduce energy waste and save money. And you might even strike up some friendly competition among family and friends to see who can collect the most badges the fastest!

Since I have a TED 5000 and the Google PowerMeter I was able to test it out.  It's pretty neat, but I would like to see some tweaks so it becomes more useful.  For one, it would be nice to see more focus on geographic neighbors. For instance, it says my daily average is 29% higher than homes like mine.  Is that homes all over the US?  Maybe their summer hasn't been as hot as it has been in Atlanta.  Also, it may be better to see more options to select about your home.  In any case it's a great feature and I like to see more from PowerMeter actions!

See a sample of my results below!

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Hm, yawn. "Install CFLs?" I think by the time people have installed a meter they've thought of that sort of thing. Maybe it's useful for people who got on powermeter the "easy way" through their utility? The badge idea is neat, and if the always-on data is new, I think that's pretty helpful.
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I would agree. That's the problem with most "recommendation" sites, they are way too basic for those of use who have done the easy stuff. Like you said, I do like the always on feature, as it lets me know I have some vampire loads to go after.

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