Calling all Conservation and Clean Energy pics!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll keep this one short on text.  Your task is simple: Send me some pictures of the energy and/or water conservation and/or clean energy installations in your home.  Feel free to add a few sentences or paragraphs about your installations and experience as well. The only thing I'm going to require is your name (or nickname)/city/state.

We don't need high quality pictures, or even multiple pictures.  If you send multiple, I'll put the pictures in a simple montage under your name and they will appear later this month.  Let's show the world what Mapawatt readers are doing to conserve!

Please send pictures and information to .

Follow my lead below:

Chris - Atlanta, GA

TED5000 Energy Monitor, Ecobee Internet Programmable Thermostat, Compost Pile, Leviton lighting occupancy sensor and dimmers, LED light, CFL installations. (Picture at top of post).

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Here's what I sent: Clockwise from top left, Insulated wall retrofit, homebrew whole-house electricity meter, solar monitoring, water heater turned down, dual-flush toilet adapter, google powermeter, programmable thermostat, 1.0gpm aerators, insulated hot water pipes, gas usage measurement/tracking, 1.6gpm showerhead, electric usage tracking center - 2.5kW solar array.

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