How Energy Efficient is your state?

I first heard about the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's (ACEEE) list of energy efficient policies by state from Energy Circle.  When I click on the state I live in, Georgia, not too much comes up.  Mostly a bunch of info about what the state requires of utilities, but this isn't too helpful for me. However, under the category of "Customer Energy Efficiency Programs" for Georgia it says (in regards to the only regulated utility in the state, Georgia Power):

Georgia Power participates in the national Change a Light program, supports Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, promotes ENERGY STAR® appliances, helps customers recycle older appliances, provides free in-home audits, and runs home improvement programs for low-income customers. The utility has also offered incentives to home builders.

The one thing that is actually helpful to me is the info about the free in-home energy audit, so I will have to do more research on this and try it out.  There is actually some useful information that homeowners can gather from using this tool!

Unfortunately, I noticed that Georgia ranks 37 out of 51 on the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. I guess I will have to build up the local Mapawatt audience!

The ACEEE is a great resource and I first mentioned it a year and a half ago on my Amory Lovins Energy Saving Advice post.  While the ACEEE covers energy efficiency by state, DSIRE (which I mentioned in our Demystifying Tax Incentives post) covers both renewable energy and energy efficiency by state.  These are both great tools to help you learn what resources are out there to help you save energy!

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<I>I guess I will have to build up the local Mapawatt audience!</I> Starting with your state legislators, I think ;)
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Unfortunately, they're too busy defeating bills that would allow alcohol sales on Sunday.....

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