Ford Plug-In Electric Cars

I wrote about how Ford planned on letting drivers communicate with their electric cars with our post Microsoft Hohm and Ford before they had even announced any of their electric cars.  It seems they now have a much bigger line up, and by the end of this year it looks like they are going to have more cars that plug-in than GM will!  To keep up to date with electric cars, check out our list of plug-in electrics and electric car charging stations.  Below is a list of plug-in (electric and hybrid) cars by Ford:

Ford Focus Electric - Late 2011

Currently, the Nissan Leaf is the only electric car available (at least for people with normal budgets).  Here's a nice comparison (on paper) between the Leaf and the Focus EV.  On an appearance basis, I think the Focus EV edges out the Leaf.

Ford C-Max Energi Plug-In Hybrid - Fall 2012

I don't have much to write about this one, because Ford hasn't released too much information on it.  There will by a plug-in hybrid version, and a standard hybrid version.  Once more information is released, we'll do a comparison between the Ford C-Max Energi and the Chevy Volt.

Ford Transit Connect - Available Now

Ford is collaborating with Azure Dynamics, a world leader in the development and production of hybrid electric and electric commercial vehicles, on the Transit Connect.  If I were a solar installer this vehicle would definitely be in my garage!

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I really hope the Focus EV is all it's cracked up to be. It sure looks nice, but the devil is in the details. An EV-savvy acquaintance seemed to think it was just a one-off piece of PR stunt thus far, but we'll see. A "Living Green Expo" will be having an EV car show soon - - and it lists a "Focus EV Conversion" - by Ford, or by a hobbyist, I don't know. :) The latter, I fear... and no Leaf! MN just gets no EV love, yet.
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I've heard rumors that the Focus EV is the real deal, and that they are building it so it can be built with many of the same components as the regular Focus, making it more affordable. We'll see as soon as they release more details.
I don't mean that it won't <i>ever</i> exist, just that the announcement of the product may have been ... quite early. :) But still, they have set a data for release, and you can't miss those too many times, so I assume they must have real plans. Basing it on an existing platform makes a lot of sense to me, as long as the weight &amp; handling works out well with the addition of 1000lbs of batteries... This is why I have high hopes for the Honda Fit EV too!
Eric: I'm working at the EV display at the Living Green Expo. I believe the Focus EV is a local project, not a Ford production model or prototype. You can see (and perhaps ride in) one of the first Transit Connect EVs delivered. It belongs to the Ciy of Saint Paul. Bob Moffitt Communications Director Clean Fuel &amp; Vehicle Technologies program American Lung Association in Minneosta

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