Gas to Electric Car Conversion

The below video from energyNOW! is a great introduction to transforming regular gas guzzling cars to electric vehicles.  The video highlights Electro Automotive, a California based company that has been converting cars to battery power for over 30 years!  It takes about $ 10k to accomplish this, and the cars will go about 40-60 miles per charge (MPC).  They also sell the kits so you can have a DIY electric car conversion!

Electro Automotive highlights the federal tax credit for EV conversions on their website:

There is a plug-in conversion federal income tax credit of 10% of the cost of converting any motor vehicle (new or used) to a qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle. The maximum credit is $4,000 per vehicle. This credit is claimed on Form 8910, Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, and applies to property placed in service after February 17, 2009.

Plug-In America has the best listing of state and federal incentives for electric cars.

Along with Electro Automotive, the video also mentions Amp Electric Vehicles, and their offering of gas to electric vehicle conversions.  I'm going to have to do a little more digging to learn more about their pricing structure.  Another company not mentioned in the video is Hymotion, owned by A123 Systems.  They allow Prius hybrid owners to convert their cars to plug-ins!

And if you think we just like reporting on EV conversions, you may be surprised to learn that one of the Mapawatt team members is working on a Porsche EV conversion!

Along with the snippet below, I highly recommend watching the full energyNOW! episode on cars if you're interested in the future of personal transportation.



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Check out how many people have done these, many are DIY: The Deloreans might be my favorite ... In my state we have ReGo electric, which will convert a Prius to a PHEV for about $5000 before credits. I'd almost buy a Prius for just for that.
There are a couple of Enginer Prius plugin conversions here in Atlanta: however, I've heard mixed reviews. I think the first kits had a problem that they have supposedly resolved. Chris, Thor and Mac have an '85 VW Cabriolet at the shop with a partially installed Electro-Automotive kit. They are going to finish it off after the Porsche is ready. The owner hasn't decided yet on Lead-Acid or LiFePO4 batteries. Eric, I wanted to convert a Delorean but settled on the Boxster due to price, age and parts availability. I have a friend who just had his Delorean completely restored and is driving it around town. They look great! I just got back from our EV Club South meeting last night and am always amazed at the cars in the parking lot. Corbin Sparrows, PHEV Prius conversions, a Chevy Volt to name a few... I'll take some pictures next month at the GE EV Tour here in Atlanta! -P

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