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Who's that good looking guy on TV?

I'm not sure if you've heard yet, but I'm now a famous TV star. The paparazzi have been hanging outside my home all weekend. It's all because I of my 15 second spot on this week's energyNOW! episode (seen online or on Bloomberg TV channel). I was featured in their "blogger" section and I had to answer the very difficult question, "Do efficient light bulbs save energy?".  My answer, delivered like a seasoned policy analyst, was:  "Yes, of course they do, it's simple math."

But enough about me, if you have any other questions about my new found fame, please send them to my assistant.  Also featured was Martin LaMonica, Cnet's excellent blogger.  The actual episode was very entertaining, and also featured a segment from LightFair 2011, which I also attended.  The episode centered around the incandescent bulb ban that will begin to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2012 and the light bulbs coming on the market to replace the 100 watt, then 60 watt, then 40 watt incandescent.

Before I watched the episode, I wasn't really aware of all the alternatives people will have to replace standard incandescents.  In our next post I'll look at some of the other issues the episode brought up, but for now, here are some of the bulbs featured on the episode:

The episode "Battle of the Bulbs" from energyNOW! can be seen below:

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Thanks for the article, this is pretty interesting information. But basically, there is still no definitive good or bad light bulb correct?
ckmapawatt's picture do you define good/bad?
Too bad they played up the mercury issue (at about 16:00) without talking about the (greater) mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants...
Geez and Joe Barton - apparently incandescents are "efficient" and "not an environmental hazard" - those went mostly unchallenged. And the only way CFLs save energy is if you burn them continuously? What? argh... Wish I could do these interviews ;)
ckmapawatt's picture
That was definitely the most frustrating aspect, and it's one I plan to address in the next post! The guy came across as an idiot. He thinks CFLs should be the same price as an incandescent. That's comparing apples and oranges. I had these dummies who think everything should be on a "free market". There is no such thing as a truly free market when it comes to energy.
I heard that the energy efficient bulbs can be dangerous for your health, I read about it here: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Energy efficient bulbs</a>. I think its good that they save energy, so I hope this is all wrong?

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