Newsflash to CNN: your energy poll is a joke!

I was waiting in line at the store this evening and I was scrolling through some energy news stories on CNN on my phone.  I saw the poll question at the bottom of the page and I'm curious as to who is creating the questions over there?  I don't think this is supposed to be a trick question:

Dear whomever came up with the poll answers, "Electric" is NOT a source of energy.  Solar PV panels and Wind Turbines create electricity.  Lighting is  the only "electric" energy source that I know of, and while it's extremely environmentally friendly (unless it happens to strike you) we have not figured out how to harness it as an energy source.  Feel free to read our post "Where does electricity come from" to further your education and enhance the value of your future energy polls.

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Baffled me. I just figured it was another illiterate journalist.

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