Electric Vehicles 2012

Almost a year ago we posted on a plug-in vehicle tracker, but today CNN had a nice article today on Electric Vehicles being introduced in 2012. The list isn't totally comprehensive, but it's a great start.  We've added the notes after the car name.

  1. Chevrolet Volt (Plug-in hybrid)
  2. Nissan Leaf (Battery Electric)
  3. Tesla Model S (Battery Electric) - I want this, please give me lots of money to get it.
  4. Fisker Karma (Plug-in hybrid) - I want this more than the above.  Send me lots of money to get it.
  5. Smart Fortwo (Battery Electric)
  6. Scion iQ EV (Battery Electric)
  7. Toyota RAV 4 EV (Battery Electric)
  8. Toyota Prius Plug-In (Plug-in hybrid)
  9. Ford Focus Electric (Battery Electric) - One of the best looking "affordable" EV
  10. Honda Fit EV (Battery Electric)
  11. Mitsubishi iEV (Battery Electic) - Ugliest Award
  12. Renault Fluence Z.E. (Battery Electric) - Not available in U.S. in 2012

So which one do you want to get?



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I would like to purchase a 2012 Scion iQ EV. If only I could get one. I have read that they are only producing 600 and only 200 of those will be imported to the U.S. They are also restricting sales to fleets and car sharing programs. Does anyone out there want to start a car sharing program? Mark , Austin, TX
I -really- like the Focus EV, but man, what a price tag! Are they serious about selling these? The Honda Fit is lease only. Again - is this just a gimmick or a real entry into the market? At this point the MiEV seems like the surest shot - affordable, clearly a town car, and thus far with crystal-clear pricing, rollout, and availability info...
I was excited about the Ford Focus until I saw the price tag. These need to go down about $10,000 before tax credits. The Toyota Rav4EV sounds great but it will only be available in California. I was looking into the Prius plugin to replace my home converted Prius plugin but it still is pricey. My biggest issues is that the vehicle needs to hold 3 kids in car seats which eliminates the Volt and Leaf. I know the Prius is big enough and it seems the Focus is also. Again, the prices need to go down before the demand will go up. Most people balk at the price and wil not even consider an electric vehicle because of it.

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