Beware of DyoCore SolAir wind turbine generator

As you may know we're not a big fan of small wind turbines (at least compared with solar PV) and we're even less a fan of alternator powered wind turbines (PMA turbines).

Luckily our friend Alex at Open4Energy uncovered a product advertising false information in a small wind turbine called the DyoCore.  From his post titled DyoCore SolAir Hybrid Wind Generator - Scam Review:

I was reading about a problem with California's rebates for distributed wind energy, in particular a comment filed by the (DWEA) Distributed Wind Energy Association - Docket No. 02-REN-1038 - which states "weaknesses ... have allowed unscrupulous companies to perpetrate a significant fraud that threatens the entire program. DWEA specifically cites the following problems: DyoCore (1.6 kW at 18 mph) added with an efficiency of 275% … 2.7 times the total kinetic energy in the wind, 4.6 times the theoretical maximum possible efficiency, and 9 times efficiency of the leading small turbines on the market … which is totally impossible!"

But this isn't just fun and games, the citizens of California's hard-earned tax money is being wasted because the folks in the California Energy Commission (CEC) were slow to recognize that the DyoCore product was a joke.  Again, from Alex's article:

You might want to take a look at this article by Earth Techling to see the latest in the state vs. DyoCore - "So how much damage has DyoCore reportedly done with its alleged fraud? The complaint alleges 33 systems using DyoCore turbines have been installed and $515,385 in rebates paid. Another 249 rebate reservations for systems using DyoCore turbines – rebates totaling $6,393,544 – were approved but have not been paid. Pending are yet another 1,069 applications, which if approved would cost California $31,220,976.

The CEC realized it made some huge errors in the program, mainly that it allowed manufacturers to provide their own, unverified operating data, and put the wind turbine generator rebate program on hold for awhile.  It's back now, with only 4 approved wind turbine generators.

I usually don't link to companies whose products we dont recommend, but I have to in this case, because the "product" images have a high entertainment value.  So without further adieu, here is the link to the DyoCore page:

Bottom Line to both consumers and government/utility entities looking at buying energy efficient products: If you aren't an engineer get one to check out your miracle energy product before you buy.  If you don't know any, email the product and your questions to  We'll be happy to take a look!



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Reputable wind manufacturers would do well to provide online monitoring capability like many solar companies do - that way prospective buyers could see output from actual installations and make their own judgements about efficacy.
Chris, can you please teach people how to properly calculate how much power they can expect from ANY wind turbine? The formula is simple. Power = (velocity)^3 * (swept area) * (density of air) * (efficiency of system) * (0.5) Where swept area is the radius squared of the rotor times pi, density of air is 1.2 kg/m^3, and the efficiency of a small wind system is less than 25%, or 0.25. If you want to calculate for a whole year, you can multiply the whole equation by about 1.8 to compensate for the wind speed distribution. Everything is in metric. I'm tired of reading about PMA's and all sorts of nonsense pushed upon well meaning RE enthusiasts. Most of it is stupid tax. No disrespect intended, but if you can't do the above math, you deserve to waste every dollar you sink in to ANY wind turbine. It's very very simple. Forget what is on the website or the box the machine came in. There are only two important numbers in wind turbines. #1 is the diameter of the blades, and #2 is the average wind speed. Every other number is worthless when buying a wind machine. Also, the reason why ALL utility scale turbines are horizontal axis is because they work. Vertical axis is a waste of time. It has been for over a hundred years. Nothing has changed. Furthermore, at this point in time, unless you are paying for a turbine instead of miles of power lines, a wind turbine WILL NOT PAY FOR ITSELF WITHIN ITS LIFESPAN! I'm a wind enthusiast, but unless you have what it takes to get it done, go solar.
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Thanks Soloman. Have you seen our post "<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Residential clean energy : wind vs. solar</a>"?

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