Mapawatt hasn't tested the Brultech energy monitor, but we found a review from a trusted source below.

In the product review for Brultech for Energy Circle, Tom Harrison states (in September 2010):

"For the individual circuits, the ECM-1240 comes solid "donut" CT sensors, not the split sensors that other units needing these have. Installation, therefore requires removing each breaker, unwiring each lead, slip the CT over the lead, replace the, lead and reinstall the breaker.  Multiple circuits can be bundled into a single channel, which will make this setup a little more difficult. Is this a big deal? Not really, but fair warning: the ECM-1240 will take some effort to get installed on your electrical panels, and a little more manual reading and so on.  If you're technically adept, this one-time setup should be straightforward.  The smaller profile of the donut sensors may make work in a tight electrical box easier than units with split-CT sensors.

The monitoring units can accepts inputs from up to 5 120v circuits each, and I think two 240v two-phase circuit. Circuits can be bundled (e.g. lights and receptacles in a room). Multiple configurations are available to handle larger or multi-unit installations, and inputs from solar, generators, wind, and configurations are available for 400a split-panels. Numerous methods are available to connect the unit(s) to the Internet -- wired, wireless, ZigBee, and others.  I am working to confirm this, but it appears that the maximum number of circuits is 53 when bundled into a maximum of 28 channels."

Back in 2010, Tom stated that the pricing was a little unclear, but it seems that Brultech has added a store since that time with listed prices.


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