Cree LED BR30

From the Cree BR30 website:

"Cree® LED BR30 flood lights look and light like the incandescent bulbs you love. Backed by our 10-year warranty, Cree LED BR30 flood lights shine wide and bright, in 2700K and 5000K color temperatures, while using at least 85% less energy.

Designed to deliver up to 25,000 hours of light, it’s the perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs in track and recessed fixtures at a price you can afford. Cree LED bulbs pay for themselves quickly and then pay you year after year

Spark Socket

From the Spark website:

"The Spark Socket screws into any standard lightbulb socket, and connects your lights to the internet over the Wi-Fi connection in your home, so that you can control your lights from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Setting up and using Spark is intuitive and easy – exactly how we imagined products of the future would work.

Philips AmbientLED BR30 13 W

The Philips BR30 LED bulb is ideal for recessed can lights and track lighting.  As we discussed in our light bulb shape educational post, BR stands for Bulged Reflector and 30 represents the diameter of the bulb (30/8 inches).  This bulb is dimmable.

Amazon carries a version of this bulb that looks to slightly vary from the version Philips has on their website.  The specs on the Amazon version are in the specs tab above and the image is below:


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